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"I love building stuff, I love the craft of welding": Ethan shares how he carved a career in carpentry and welding from his Dad’s garden shed.

The welder

Ethan Gumm

Having left school at 12 years old, Ethan’s dad insisted he learn a trade. From the garden shed, Ethan learned the skills and mastery needed for carpentry and welding. A passion for American trucks, together they now re-build and renovate these works of pure petrol head art. His first job as a carpenter at 17 years old gave him 6 years of grounding in the manufacturing industry, leading Ethan to join the team as a Welder in 2021. With 10 years’ experience, at 26 years old Ethan literally hit the ground running in the role.

‘You need to pay attention with this job, safety is paramount. I’ve set myself on fire in my youth but it comes with the territory’. You have to be a good problem solver, always thinking a way around an issue and coming up with solutions. The rounded skid frame on the Exceed chair has such curvature to the weld, it’s a joy to make, ‘a lovely clean weld, there’s just nothing better’.

‘Stick at it, try hard and anything is possible with welding’.