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For seamstress Zoe, sewing runs in the family: "You need an eye for detail and being a perfectionist helps!"

The seamstress

Zoe York

Sewing since she was 19 years old, Zoe is the daughter of a master Upholsterer who also had a 40-year career in the industry. As Team Leader of the sewing room, Zoe has responsibility for more than 14 industrial sewing machinists and skilled cutters. After 8 years with Summit, Zoe still finds the buzz of the sewing room exceptional. ‘You never know what will come next, the fabrics are beautiful to work with, but you need to be adaptable as you’re asked to jump in every direction daily’. Her favourite Summit piece is the sleek Deco sofa range, it’s cosy but very complicated to cut and sew, however delivers clean, crisp lines which she loves.

The secret of her success? Learn slow. ‘Start with basic sewing skills, make your own clothes, find a good apprenticeship and learn each skill slowly and develop your range’. Zoe feels this is not a profession you can pick up in 2 minutes, ‘you need to be mentored, make mistakes and learn through your accomplishments. You need a good eye for detail and being a perfectionist helps!’