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Vince, part of the family for over 20 years, shares the key to success: "Be a team player. Manufacturing is all about the team, live and breath it, it’ll reward in spades".

The furniture builder

Vince Vowles

Vince is a creative soul. A signwriter and chef in his youth, this energy has never left him. The unsociable hours of hospitality led him to the chair industry, a short term role turned into 6 years where he learned to love the craft of furniture building.

Working on assembly is seeing the finished product go from a set of parts to the finished article, ‘Patience is key, attention to detail and a good amount of pride in what you produce’, all contribute to Vince being on the team for over 20 years. ‘Working with people is paramount to this job, on the line we’re a team and whilst the banter can be high the teamwork gets the job done’. My favourite assembly is an Inflexion, it’s a technical build with lots of functions, you get so much for your money with this chair, and the curved back makes it in my mind, the best chair we offer’.